Music Venues in Birmingham

Music Venues in Birmingham

Here at Drum Lessons Birmingham, we believe there is no substitute for experiencing quality music live. Watching seasoned professionals play the drums first hand can give you insight into what music you might want to play or methods of playing the drums you might want to be taught by your teacher. Local bands and big-scene top bands are plentiful in Birmingham, so Drum Lessons Birmingham have compiled a list of places you might find them.

Genting Arena

The Genting Arena is one of the biggest venues in the Midlands. Its location in Birmingham makes it rather central in terms of the geography of England and the fact that it's situated just outside of a city of millions makes it a popular stop-off venue for international superstars. The arena has a capacity of almost 16,000 - and is hosting the likes of chart-toppers Maroon 5 and Take That in the summer of 2015. 

Within the music industry, the general rule of thumb is that the larger the arena the pricier the tickets get. This certainly applies to some of the international bands playing here and you could be paying upwards of £40 for a ticket. For this reason, Drum Lessons Birmingham recommends Genting Arena for when you want to further your interest in a genre or band you are passionate about, as paying prices for big bands you may not like may be a bit of a mistake.

Genting Arena, Perimeter Road, Birmingham, B40 1NT.

Telephone: 0121 7804141

O2 Academy 

The O2 Academy in Birmingham is one of a chain of O2 sponsored venues across the country. They typically appear in cities and attract big names and big numbers. The O2 in Birmingham was redeveloped recently and houses 3 separate O2 Venues. 

The O2 has hosted bands such as Hadouken, Scouting for Girls and Rizzle Kicks, and will host the likes of James Bay, Ella Henderson and Editors in the autumn of 2015. Again, like other high profile venues, you could end up paying quite a bit for tickets to see selected bands here. The O2 chain itself is renowned for having over-pushy and aggressive security staff, so go with a smile on your face and be on your best behaviour. 

The O2 Academy and Genting Arena are two of Birmingham's biggest and most visited venues. This is no surprise as larger venues have the funding to maintain their facilities to a high standard and attract the most popular bands. The O2 is a lot smaller than Genting Arena and has a better atmosphere as a result, so as long as you stay on the right side of the bouncers you're bound to have a great night enjoying some quality music.

The O2 Academy, 16-18 Horsefair, Bristol Street, B1 1DB.

Telephone: 0121 6228250

Symphony Hall 

Birmingham's Symphony Hall offers a slightly different musical experience than the traditional rock or pop concert. Percussion is a fundamental part of orchestral performances, keeping an entire group of 30-50 people in time.

Drum Lessons Birmingham prides itself on teaching students the genres they enjoy, but we also recommend seeing the drums played in less high-profile situations. If Classical or Orchestral music is something you enjoy then symphony hall would be a fantastic venue for you to see how you could fit into a similar arrangement. If you're more the bang-around-in-the-attic kind of person then we still recommend you see how percussion in orchestra's work. There are many examples such as this one that can be found on youtube. 

Symphony Hall in Birmingham hosts over 500,000 people a year and hosts over 800 concerts annually. The venue is truly beautiful and has a 'royal' look to it. Like a true piece of architectural mastery, it's world-renowned acoustics attract many to Birmingham, orchestras and audiences alike - so why not pay Symphony Hall a visit? Experience sound you'll never forget.

Birmingham Symphony Hall, Broad Street, Birmingham, B1 2EA.

Telephone: 0121 7803333

The Jam House

The Jam House Birmingham is a nicely-sized atmospheric venue that doubles up as a bar and restaurant. Guests dine on a balcony above the main stage, making The Jam House ideal for romantic dates. The Venue attracts mostly jazz and soul bands which provide a classy 'relaxed evening' atmosphere to the place. There is room for dancing (Don't bring your parents, or grandparents for that matter unless you are looking to be embarrassed) and bookings available for large events.

The Jam House Birmingham is certainly a place for a chilled out night at the end of a long week. Give them a visit.

The Jam House, 3-5 St Pauls Square, Birmingham, B3 1QU.

Telephone: 0121 2003030


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