Recording and Rehearsal Studios

Recording and Rehearsal Studios

At Drum Lessons Birmingham the ultimate goal for our students is to hear professional work that they've created. Any teacher is never more proud than when they hear a student is prepared to take the next step and record for the first time, and at Drum Lessons Birmingham we will always encourage enthusiasm and creativity in this aspect. Recording your own music is special in many ways but can be an intimidating or daunting process - especially when it comes to looking for the right studio for you. Drum Lessons Birmingham has selected 3 of what we believe to be Birmingham's best for you to try out.

 Oxygen Rooms

The Oxygen Rooms are based in Birmingham and were established in 2009. They offer multi-track recording and mixing/mastering services as well as rehearsal rooms at some very competitive prices - a lifeline for Drummers who like to blow the roof off at home and drive their parents up the wall. Off-Peak(12 pm noon to 5 pm) rehearsal rooms are priced at £8 per hour or at a discounted rate of £5/hr for 5 hours at a time; which are some of the most reasonable rates to be found in Birmingham for quality private rehearsal rooms. 

Unsurprisingly recording studios aren't as cheap and rates are frozen at £30/hr or £200/8hr sessions. The Studio is flexible and is capable of hosting a wide range of projects whether that be solo artists or large groups. There are spaces with natural light sources for bands to chill out for a bit and get away from it all as the standard recording studio can be quite an intimidating dark stuffy and cramped premises - but not The Oxygen Rooms in Birmingham. They cater for all music genres here and have housed bands such as The Vamps and Jamelia, so give them a shot.

The Oxygen Rooms, 122 Barr Street, Hockley, Birmingham, B19 3DE.

Telephone: 0121 5517001

Circle Studios

Circle recording studios in Birmingham are an award-winning facility who've had their recording studios specifically designed by Northward Acoustics to enable their rooms to allow the best and most natural quality sound to be obtained. The equipment available at Circle Studios Birmingham is something they brag about a lot, with almost every aspect of their setup being a top-end professional quality kit. 

The sound producer at Circle Studios - a Grammy Award winner who has recorded sound for the BBC and ITV has experience and knowledge that would be priceless for those looking to record the best music they can, so whatever you want to record here be it an album, an EP or just a single, Circle Studios' purpose designed facility is a must visit.

Circle Studios, Brearley Street, Birmingham, B19 3NP

Telephone: 07841 322706

Priory Studios

Priory Recording Studios are based in Canwell in Sutton Coldfield just outside of Birmingham. The studios are set in a less traditional area in a peaceful and beautiful rural location as opposed to the standard city facility. The rooms have been built to a professional standard to optimise sound quality and the rates at which they're available are pretty reasonable considering the prestige the business has gained, with recording priced at £30/hr with discounts for packages over 10 hours.

The Studios also offer mixing, editing and post-production sound engineering as well as professional mastering to ensure your work not only meets your standards but their high standards as well. 

The Priory, 3 London Road, Canwell, Sutton Coldfield, B75 5SH.

Telephone: 0121 3233332

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